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Junior Information Architect

Coordinations :
Bebotax BV - Steenweg Deinze 124 B
B-9810 Nazareth - Belgium
+32 (0)9 384 93 39

Junior Information Architect

You are responsible for maintaining and managing the Corporate Information Model, the shared data definitions, the business processes and the accompanying standards and guidelines.

Job description:

Information Model

You write out the information models for each business process and you guide the formulation of the shared data definitions. You also examine the respective project teams’ suggestions concerning functional data models.

Process Modeling

You develop the business processes with regard to the Corporate Data (e.g. the Corporate Business Processes) and store them in a repository.


You provide input for the project team with regard to Physical Data Models and Business Process Modeling and you maintain close cooperation with ICT.


You develop the systems and infrastructure needed for obtaining certified financial reports.


  • You should have at least an A1/Bachelor diploma in Information Sciences or a university degree with a specialization in Information Sciences.
  • Previous experience in a similar function is not required.
  • Wide knowledge of, and interest in, informatics and business applications.
  • Both French and English don't have any secrets for you.
  • You have a good command of MS-Office.
  • You have a basic knowledge of reporting and analysis tools
  • A basic knowledge of data modeling and process modeling is required.
  • You are analytical and synthetic.
  • Being a teamplayer is a must!
  • You are accurate.
  • You possess strong planning and organizational skills
  • Planning and organizing have no secrets for you.
  • You are proactive.
  • You are result-oriented.
Bebotax BV
Steenweg Deinze 124 B
B-9810 Nazareth - Belgium
- +32 (0)9 384 93 39 -
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